june 29 ’17

intentional communities

“For now, it is my hope that the ideas presented here create new insights for us as we struggle to articulate the path beyond the political impasse that has stalled action on financial reform and climate change in recent years.  Perhaps these thoughts will also inform our next steps as we ponder how to improve upon the Occupy Movement and Arab Spring of 2011 to elevate and meld together the social movements of the world into a coherent new economic and political system capable of delivering complex outcomes for our interconnected and rapidly changing world.”  –Joe Brewer, how will the 99% deal with 70 million psychopaths

“A surge in local grassroots involvement in projects large and small is creating a new type of social movement, not dependent upon adherence to some creed or following a leader but more like a groundswell of humanity toward creating a caring society and preserving a planet suitable for our long-term viability.”  –Marc Pilisuk and Jennifer Rountree, the hidden structure of violence

“The strategic outlook already prevalent among anarchists is that the road to revolution involves the proliferation of urban and rural projects of sustainable living, community building and the development of skills and infrastructures.” –Uri Gordon, anarchy alive! anti-authoritarian politics from practice to theory

“If we simply change or reform the currency and financial systems, leaving the centralized governance that controls and oversees things in place, while the psyche out of which the whole thing emerges remains unconscious, nothing will be solved, as the same problems will persist and reappear in a new (dis)guise.”  –Paul Levy, dispelling wetiko: breaking the curse of evil

“Even a radical intellectual shift to a new paradigm on a large scale would not be sufficient to alleviate the global crisis and reverse the destructive course we are on.  This would require a deep emotional and spiritual transformation of humanity.  Using the existing evidence, it is possible to suggest certain strategies that might facilitate and support such a process… a move in a direction that is sorely needed on a collective scale for our species to survive.”  –Stanislav Grof, Ph.D., psychology of the future

“For sustainability, we have to begin at the primal foundation of our Being, creating and allowing more compassionate human beings who recognize that the only sustainability possible for ourselves is to realize at the deepest level that WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER. And any hallucination that creates separation, including prejudice and degradation, manifests loss of opportunities for us all to realize our spiritual genius.”  –Iona Miller




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