the day the music died

it’s midnight.  september 4th.  2017.  today is the day the music died.

laying my musical dreams to rest is an ego death.

a rite of passage.

an ordeal.

one door closes.  another door opens.

my coming of age, my initiation into the unknown, arrives at 27.

i do believe i can survive this death.  it is a trial and tribulation.

i’m working out my salvation with fear and trembling.

only the gods know where i’ll go from here.

i cannot give up on my life.  my life has only just now begun.

this mourning mixed in celebration bears the gift of loss.

something in me will live on beyond this stumbling block.

this tombstone is a stepping stone.

overgrown with thorny roses.

music, my dream, my love, this is goodbye.

i will never forget you.



what kind of school do you want to go to?

music school?

trade school?

what kind of degree do you want in order to be active in environmentalism?

what is your budget?

build credit, get a car, move to north carolina.

this is your life.  find adventure.  find romance.  it all starts here and now.