a plague of questions

trapped in the doldrums of not knowing.  the space where the wind doesn’t blow.  dark murks of confusion.  how do i identify and become part of a group that is actually making a difference, a group that isn’t complicit with the wetikonomy, a group that is actually working against the machinations of the corporate state, a group that isn’t just providing temporary help on a superficial level?  world wildlife fund shakes hands with coca-cola.  is the elizabeth river project any different?

is joining an anarchist federation necessary to participate in sustainable development projects?  do we need anarchist communities?  is all permaculture permaculture?  are all urban community projects doing the same amount of good?  what differentiates one community service project from another?

we know we can’t just take down civilization without that being genocide.  on the other hand it has been argued that sustainability itself is not the answer either.  this leaves transition as the only solution.  a gradual transitioning away from industrial civilization is the only way out and this has to be accomplished, it would seem, through small acts at local levels.  campaigners and pressure groups will do what they can to influence governments while others will choose the path of direct action.



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