knowledge is power

i don’t want to leave my life in the hands of random chance.

i don’t want to waste these moments thoughtlessly idling on a couch in a dark room and surfing the internet while people smoke pot and play video games.

i want to be asking myself important questions and trying to figure out what it is i need to know that i don’t know.  what does a responsible twenty seven year old adult know?

knowledge is power.  power to set clearly defined goals and make conscious decisions.

without this knowledge there is no escaping the random hands of chance.




if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

how much money do you want to make?

how much money can you expect to make?

if you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

what exactly is considered a good annual income?

what is a good credit score and what is your credit score?


Candid Plan

low sugar, low bread, low coffee or alcohol, no dried or over-ripe fruit

low mushrooms, low cheese except for cottage cheese and provolone

take antifungals, psyllium husk for fiber, probiotics, and lots of water


diet $stuff

Make sure your pantry stays stocked with plenty of beans and whole grains, hearty leafy grains like kale, spinach, and collards, and other vegan-friendly sauces.


Vegan shopping list.

Vegan Shopping List


Plant proteins.

Hemp powder.  Chia seeds.  Spirulina.  Avocados.  Almonds(butter).  Broccoli.  Spinach.

http:// www youtube/infinitewaters com


Alkaline foods.

Arugula.  Asparagus.  Brussels sprouts.  Zucchini.  Watercress.  Garlic.  Coconut oil.  Flax seeds.  Tomatoes.  Lemons.  Limes.  Grapefruit.  Quinoa.  Brown rice.  Sweet potatoes.  Tofu.  Adzuki beans.  Chickpeas.  Lentils.





philius philosophorum

drawing inspiration from the poems and the verses and the songs and photographs, i am returned to my soul if even only for a moment.  the eyes are opened in my heart, the blinds are drawn and the pale of moon and morning light gather in my window with the birds.

in this place i am given a dazzling coat of arms, a spear and tambourine, a candle and cistern, a savory song and dance, a contemplation, a meditation, a conflagration.

a deep quiet presides over this hillside.  over the crackling of frost melting in the grass.  over the fluttering of feathered wings and warm buzzing of wasps and bees.

i arrive at the water’s edge and draw my sword, a breeze blowing cold over the rocks beneath my feet.  there is no sword.  samsara.  tathagatta.  all the world is your perfection.

“The fault is in the one who blames. Spirit sees nothing to criticize.” –Rumi


secret book of john 14:20

“The soul needs to follow another soul in whom the Spirit of life dwells, because she is saved through the Spirit.  Then she will never be thrust into flesh again.”

A Simple Path

“The success of love is in the loving—it is not in the result of loving. Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person, but whether it turns out that way or not does not determine the value of what we have done. The more we can remove this priority for results the more we can learn about the contemplative element of love. There is the love expressed in the service and the love in the contemplation. It is the balance of both which we should be striving for. Love is the key to finding this balance.”  –Blessed Mother Teresa Of Calcutta