Robert R. Hieronimus

“Psychologists and philosophers have long been warning us that without meaningful myths or symbols, a world-wide cultural malaise is developing which leads to increasing anxiety and mental, emotional and spiritual disintegration.”




Stanislav Grof, Ph.D., Psychology of the Future ,320-321

“Even a radical intellectual shift to a new paradigm on a large scale would not be sufficient to alleviate the global crisis and reverse the destructive course we are on. This would require a deep emotional and spiritual transformation of humanity. Using the existing evidence, it is possible to suggest certain strategies that might facilitate and support such a process… a move in a direction that is sorely needed on a collective scale for our species to survive. It is essential to spread the information about these possibilities and get enough people personally interested in pursuing them.

We seem to be involved in a dramatic race for time that has no precedent in the entire history of humanity. What is at stake is nothing less than the future of life on this planet. If we continue the old strategies which in their consequences are clearly extremely self-destructive, it is unlikely that the human species will survive. However, if a sufficient number of people undergo a process of deep inner transformation, we might reach a level of consciousness evolution when we deserve the proud name we have given to our species: homo sapiens.”

Iona Miller

“For sustainability, we have to begin at the primal foundation of our Being, creating and allowing more compassionate human beings who recognize that the only sustainability possible for ourselves is to realize at the deepest level that WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER. And any hallucination that creates separation, including prejudice and degradation, manifests loss of opportunities for us all to realize our spiritual genius. This has been the stumbling block for the race of mankind as a dynamic whole. We are indeed, ONE.”


Iona Miller

“Being able to not care about relating to an external other, nor to the collective society or its paradigms can initially be very frightening because it cannot be validated by the collective from which one is releasing themselves. But the act of letting go, being able to not care, can provide the possibility of a totally fresh perception… What mass consciousness may fear as chaos, monstrous or ugly, is hard to endure. It implies the elimination of our defenses, a sacrifice of easy collective understanding, the dashing of hopes to look good and safely belong, and the giving up of being agreeable to a patriarchal paradigm. It involves hitting bottom, but a bottom where all the “assets” that have been given up, lost, or taken, become irrelevant.”